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Weissenkirchen, the Heart of the Wachau

The winegrowing village has a long tradition. Already as early as 1258 the place was mentioned in a document by Albero of Kuenring, then called Liechtenchyrchen. Together with the villages of Joching, Woesendorf and St. Michael it forms the heart of the world heritage centre Wachau.

The location enables you to reach all sights and destinations of the area within a short time.

Fortified Church and Teisenhoferhof

The fortified church dates back to the 14th century and rises like a landmark among terraced vineyards, the Danube and green forests. Originally the massive tower was built to fight the Turkish invaders.

The Teisenhoferhof, one of the most beautiful Renaissance courts in the Wachau, forms part of the impressing fortress. Today it is used as a cultural centre and platform for various festivals, among others the Riesling Wine Festival, the Wachau Festival and exhibitions of renowned artists.

Supposedly the Home of Riesling Vines

Weissenkirchen is the biggest winegrowing community of the Wachau. The majority of approximately 1500 inhabitants is active in winemaking. After all, it is Weissenkirchen where allegedly the Riesling, vines typical of the Wachau, originate.

The best-known territories for Riesling are Achleiten, Klaus and Steinriegel. Ritzling is the oldest territory and dates back to the 13th century.

The delicious wines can be tasted directly at the vintners’ houses, called Heurigen, or in one of the many restaurants or local inns.

Holidays for Connoisseurs

The small community Weissenkirchen is a hotspot for connoisseurs. Whether you visit the vintners in their homes, Heurigen, local inns or best-known restaurants, you can be sure to get what you desire.

Strolling the Village

The narrow alleys of Weissenkirchen are ideal to explore picturesque courts and historic houses. You are welcome to take a walk on hiking tracks through vineyards surrounding the village or along the river Danube.

Two routes of the most popular hiking track, the World Heritage Trail Wachau, start in the centre of Weissenkirchen, namely the ones to Spitz and Duernstein.

Cyclists can enjoy the path along the Danube Bikeway from Passau to Vienna.

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