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Weissenkirchen - around the year

  • March – April: apricots blooming
  • May: spring time wine festival
  • June: Corpus Christi       
  • End of July: midsummer festival      
  • July: harvesting of apricots      
  • August: Riesling wine festival      
  • September: harvesting grapes       
  • October: Thanksgiving     
  • November: baptising wines, Christmas markets

Festivals and Customs

Theateraufführung des MGV D'Wachauer

Das erste Highlight des Jahres ist die Theateraufführung des Vereines MGV D'Wachauer. Jedes Jahr im Jänner wird in der Wachauhalle ein Theater aufgeführt.

Mehr Informationen dazu finden Sie auf www.theaterwachau.com


Spring time wine festival

This festival attracts thousand of visitors every spring time. For the first weekend in May more than 100 members of the Vinea Wachau invite visitors to view their houses and cellars to taste their young wines. Open-house is also the day, when the new Smaragd wines, the most precious wines of the Wachau, are first presented to the public.

For detailed information see www.vinea-wachau.at

Corpus Christi

The Corpus Christi festival is most important for Catholics. First people celebrate mass in Teisenhoferhof, then there is a procession through the village. Locals wear their traditional costumes and visit various altars in the streets which are nicely decorated with flowers.

The procession in Woesendorf is a special affair, as it follows the narrow alleys which are decorated with flowers and hay on the path.

Midsummer Festival

Midsummer is celebrated in the Wachau in a most impressive way: there are fires lit along the Danube, thousand of torches frame the vineyards up the hills, and fireworks illuminate the sky. Visitors aboard the river boats naturally get the most spectacular views.

Riesling Wine Festival

This is the most important wine festival in the Wachau and has a long tradition. Since 1960 every year in August Riesling wines are tasted at this festival and those who have contributed most to the reputation of the area and the wines are honoured.

Wachau Festival

This popular festival, directed by Marcus Strahl, takes place every year from July till the end of August in the magnificent Teisenhoferhof.

For detailed information see www.wachaufestspiele.com


Every year in autumn this traditional festival is celebrated by the parish Weissenkirchen-Woesendorf with mass and procession, accompanied by music. Many locals take part in this procession with their grapes and fruit, wearing their traditional costumes and Kalmuck jackets.

In the course of this festival the custodians of the vineyards are sworn in, a symbolic act of tradition.

Baptising Wines

In the beginning of November the new wines are traditionally baptised. Godparents are chosen among well-known personalities from economy, politics or art. After mass the custodians of the vineyards are officially released, their ‘job’ and the season finished for a year. 

Christmas Markets

The last highlight of the year is the Christmas market which takes place at the Teisenhoferhof end of November and is organized by the tourist organisation of Weissenkirchen.

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