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Wine Guide

Winegrowing has a long tradition in the Wachau

To be able to cultivate vines on the steep slopes of the valley, in the medieval ages the first terraces were built. The supportive walls are carefully constructed of stones in layers. These walls made of dry stones offer more stability and last longer than those set up with concrete. Even today you can see these unique forms of construction and handicraft all over the Wachau.

Cool winds blowing from the northern highlands and the compensating effect of the river Danube on air temperature contribute to the special aroma and elegance of the wines.

Steinfeder, Federspiel or Smaragd?

That is one of the most frequently asked questions in the Wachau. These are quality criteria set by the winemakers of the Wachau. Approximately 200 winemakers of the region are members of the Vinea Wachau. They guarantee that their wines are produced according to their voluntary standards, Codex Wachau, and their strict quality control of the natural wines.
Further information www.vinea-wachau.at


Many winemakers sell their own wines, soft drinks and snacks (normally home-made and local treats), directly at their houses during several weeks of the year (see Heurigen calendar). People call that Heurigen. To let others know when the Heurigen is open, the winemakers traditionally fix a wreath made of straw above the entrance.

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