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Two lines connect Krems and Melk:

WL1: runs on the northern bank of the Danube between Krems and Melk.
Buses every hour. Take this bus if you want to visit the Schallaburg.

WL2: runs on the southern bank of the Danube between Krems and Melk. Buses every one or two hours.
In Krems you get connecting trains to Vienna or the Kamptal
In Melk you can catch express trains to Vienna or Salzburg.

The WL1A buses (bicycle trampers) transport your bikes between Krems and Grein.

The Campus Shuttle connects the train station Krems and Danube University as well as the Kunstmeile Krems (art district Krems).

The WL4 takes you from Krems to Goettweig, the Spoerri Museum in Hadersdorf and Grafenegg.

The hiking bus WL7 runs on weekends (Fr-Su plus holidays) from Spitz and Emmersdorf. It takes you to Jauerling and Weitental.

Take the WL5 bus in Spitz to get to the Waldviertel.

The WL6 connects the Wachau railway between Emmersdorf and Melk to the express trains leaving in Melk.

For further information see www.vor.at



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