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Parish – Mass

For detailed information see www.pfarreweissenk-wachau.jimdo.com .

Sightseeing churches

March – October open daily 9-18h

Joching: Chapel Prandtauerhof:
March – October open Monday-Saturday 10-17h
Contact + 43 (0)2715 2310 for further information.

Easter Holidays – October open daily 8-18h

St. Michael:
March – October open daily, 8-18h, otherwise Sundays and holidays.

At the gate you find a video guide about the objects of art and history. Insert 1 Euro please.
For further information see www.kirchen-am-fluss.at or www.wehrkirche-st-michael.at .

Concerts in St. Michael

For information see www.wehrkirche-st-michael.at .

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